Personal Training

Having a Mobile Personal Trainer will benefit you in many ways, for example, for me to bring my equipment and knowledge to your house so you don’t have to use that valuable time to travel to a gym, whilst saving on expensive gym monthly memberships.  You don't have to get motivated to leave the house to do your workout, so this is a great opportunity for you use my services to your advantage.  I offer flexible times and base it around your current commitments!  I will get you into a routine to train in the most effective way, using the correct and safest techniques for each workout.  I help you to get a new perspective on nutrition throughout the programme to aid fat loss / toning.  I will give guidance about how to exercise between our sessions, to help you achieve your goal realistically.  Personal training is a great way to reach your goals, bringing that confidence, happiness and healthier lifestyle.  Better yet, why not bring your partner in to the workout? 

In the FITZ Couple’s Workout Programme, we provide a great opportunity to get fit together, and have fun while doing it.  You both get in shape and get support and motivation from each other as well as the trainer for you to achieve your goals.  This programme benefits on both training and nutrition as you no longer have to make or eat different meals from each other.  It also has the obvious social benefits, which enhance your will to exercise, and at the same time boosts your energy output!

Free consultation!  Get a 1-hour taster session free when booked!  Contact Craig on 07734432036